Published on March 1, 2017 by Microsoft

Microsoft teamed up with Urban Refuge to bring urban refugees in Amman, Jordan, access to local assistance opportunities via a Xamarin cross-platform mobile application. Urban refugees make up 78% of the 655,000 registered Syrian refugees in Jordan and 66% of refugees worldwide. Evidence from the field shows this population has access to mobile devices, yet largely share information via word of mouth. Urban Refuge’s mission is to enable access to aid by leveraging technology to address information asymmetries in the urban refugee experience.

Core team:

  • Kate Skow – Director of Technology & Design, Urban Refuge
  • Victoria Kelberer-McKee – Co-founder and CEO, Urban Refuge
  • James Sturtevant (@aspenwilder) – Senior Technical Evangelist, Microsoft
  • Gavin Bauman (@gavination2) – Technical Evangelist, Microsoft


For more information on technical aspects of the project visit:


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