Published on June 23, 2017 by Microsoft

The Emirates Air Line cable car is a 1.5-km crossing of the Thames in London, with 32 cabins bridging the North Greenwich peninsula and Royal Victoria docks. The owners, Transport for London, and the operators, Mace Macro, wanted to explore potential solutions that would improve the capabilities and operations of their cable car cabins.

Join Jerry Nixon, as he welcomes Microsoft Technical Evangelist Paul Foster to the show as they discuss how Microsoft and TBS Mobility created and implemented an Azure IoT solution coupled with a TV White Space network to allow for Wi-Fi communications and data management and reporting.

  • [3:14] Why do you feel there are still barriers to IoT automation being more widely implemented across various industries?
  • [11:59]  Tell us about the project you worked on with TBS Enterprise Mobility for the Emirates Air Line cable car in London.
  • [18:28] How were you able to "talk" to this cable car, so that you could extract valuable data where cell reception isn’t a possibility?
  • [27:16] What is TV White space and how does it help to bring Internet to remote areas? What are the hardware requirements?
  • [29:52] Can you showcase some of the devices you used on this project for us?
  • [38:34]  What did the customer think of the solution?

Get the code, documentation, and device references from this project on GitHub, get hands on with IoT labs or start to build your own IoT solution on Azure.

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