Published on May 9, 2017 by Microsoft

Another short but awesome all-demo video! In this week’s episode Casey Karst, a PM in the SQL Server team, is back in the studio to show how to use Polybase to load data into Azure SQL Data Warehouse. 

Casey spends the first few minutes explaining Azure SQL Data Warehouse is, the importance of data for data warehousing, and the challenges for getting data into a data warehouse. Casey then discusses why Polybase for a data loading tool, including reading data in parallel and massive scaleout, thus the preferred way of loading data into a data warehouse. Casey briefly explains why Polybase is a better choice over SSIS and other options for using Polybase to load in a DW. What’s cool is that Polybase, as Casey explains, can use both Azure Blob Store and Azure Data Lake Store as data source.

At the [04:25] mark Casey spends the remaining 13 minutes of the who walking us through this exact demo end-to-end, from creating the external data source all the way through to loading data into a Azure SQL DW! Very fast, and VERY awesome! 

Great demo and great video, and we definitely look forward to having Casey back to talk more about Polybase!

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Roland Strauss
Roland Strauss
5 months 17 days ago

Always like Casey Karst to see. He is a great speaker, who knows his stuff. I am a MCT and show his videos in my classes.