Published on January 9, 2017 by Microsoft

IT Showcase brought together subject matter experts from our Skype for Business at Microsoft course to answer questions about how Microsoft IT implements, maintains, and supports Skype for Business at Microsoft. In this session, they discuss transition and migration strategies, integration with Microsoft Teams, SIP carriers, security, user training, and more.

These questions — and more — are discussed during this session:

  • [3:09] What are the key strategies for readiness when transitioning from Link 2010, Link 2013, and Skype for Business?
  • [6:44] Will Skype Teams, Yammer, and Office 365 Groups be further integrated?
  • [7:46] When do I use Yammer versus Teams versus Groups?
  • [8:29] Can you speak to the future of response groups or third-party contact integration with Skype for Business online?
  • [9:57] How do you install multiple Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) carriers in the same System Builder controller?
  • [12:13] How can I synchronize conversations between Skype on PC and on an iPhone? Each conversation is currently recorded per device.
  • [12:51] Are you running a contact center—such as Clarity Connect—internally, and do you face any issues with trusted application endpoints with maximum followers’ reach if many users add the contact to their own contact list?
  • [13:51] What is the best way to use Skype as a remote admin way to help users with their PCs?
  • [16:15] What is the latest on Skype for Business on a Mac client?
  • [17:35] How secure is Skype for confidential client use?
  • [19:24] When a cumulative update is released for Skype for Business server, I’m always missing the more detailed information. What is actually new with the cumulative update? Do you get more details about what’s covered in an update than a premier customer?
  • [22:14] How long does it take your front-end servers to rejoin the pool after security patches using Invoke-Cs computer failover?
  • [22:37] Do you have smart card users at Microsoft, and how do you solve the issue for them to sign in from a mobile device?
  • [24:22] Where can you get more information about Teams?
  • [27:46] Is the product group the developers?
  • [28:45] Is there a video tutorial to let global admins configure real-time clock (RTC) conference calls on Enterprise Voice in Skype for Business?
  • [29:36] Will notification options be expanded in future updates for Teams? My group stopped using Teams and then went back to Skype Persistent Chat because they didn’t like the notification option.
  • [30:41] How do you keep the service up during the upgrade of the firmware for Session Border Controllers (SBCs) and Skype for Business servers?
  • [36:12] Where are we in our cloud journey for Skype for Business?
  • [39:16] How do you test updates and new functionality?
  • [44:27] What tools do you use to monitor voice qualities?
  • [45:51] Are there any plans to change the name of the product in the future? Having the same name for the consumer version and the business product is confusing.
  • [46:24] What is your top request for new features?
  • [49:51] What was the name of the monitoring tool you mentioned, the company name, third party?
  • [50:29] How does Microsoft handle end user education?
  • [50:32] Do you still have internal users that don’t know how to use basic features of Skype?


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