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Published on June 29, 2017 by Microsoft

Ran and Arina are back in the studio (actually, they never left 😀 ) to follow up on their first video to discuss the PowerBI JavaScript SDK. This SDK is a client-side API allows you to communicate with your report and interact with the report within your application as if it were a first-class citizen.

[02:10] – Ran explains where to get the SDK, and how to contribute to it.

[02:55] – The remaining 15 minutes is all demo, as Arina walks through a sample sandbox application available to everyone which illustrates and showcases how to use the JavaScript SDK. The sandbox sample app shows how to embed and interact with an existing report using the JavaScript SDK. – github repo for JS SDK – Live demo sample page – official documentation – PowerBI support – PowerBI community feedback & ideas

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What’s it cost?