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Published on February 12, 2018 by Microsoft

In this episode of On .NET, Peter Marcu (@PeterMarcu‏) joins Rich to talk about how to get started with coding for a Raspberry PI board using .NET Core. He shows us what’s on the board, discusses some of the challenges, and even goes through a few code samples. 

  • [02:54] – Peter describes the components on the board
  • [03:38] – What OSes run on Raspberry PI boards? 
  • [04:43] – Peter talks about some of the connectors and interfaces
  • [06:39] – Peter walks us through some code samples
  • [12:58] – Peter talks about the challenges of working with hardware
  • [16:16] – How can you learn more ?

 Check out these links to the libraries and code samples talked about in this episode.  

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4 days 10 hours ago

I’d be happy when the SDK is available for the Pi, so teachers can start learning their students how to program .net core on a Pi, with no other computer needed than the pi itself.

5 days 10 hours ago

I have been using Unosquare RaspberryIO which comes with a handy SSH deployment utility. It fills most of my needs, even camera support.

6 days 6 hours ago

Just configure your DHCP server (usually your router) to always give a predefined IP to a device with a certain MAC address. DHCP will never give this IP to any other device and always give this IP to the device with the configured MAC.