Published on March 5, 2018 by Microsoft

Porting your .NET Framework applications over to .NET Core has been made even easier with the Windows Compatibility Pack. This NuGet package provides an additional 20,000 APIs to .NET Core 2.0; some which will only be able to work on Windows and some that could work on other platforms.

In this episode, Immo Landwerth (@terrajobst) comes on to talk about what’s included in the compatibility pack, use cases, and also some plans for the future.

  • [00:10] – What is the Windows Compatibility Pack?
  • [02:48] – Is this for new projects or just for porting older ones?
  • [05:04] – When will the package be out of preview?
  • [06:30] – What has the customer feedback been like?
  • [10:44] – Where to report issues or give feedback?
  • [13:55] – How do we use the package?

If you’re interested in learning more about the Windows Compatibility Pack, take a look at the links below for more information.

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Stijn A
Stijn A
15 days 11 hours ago

Windows Compatibility Pack not working with UWP? Keeps throwing PlatformNotSupported for DirectoryServices on Windows 10. Nuget package installed succesfully though. Works fine with .NET Core app.

Jason F
Jason F
15 days 15 hours ago

Thanks for the video! I know it's not your main purpose, but, in your next video about the Compatibility Pack, if you have anything to share relating to PowerShell Core, that would be nice. For example, has the PowerShell Core team requested anything or (dis)confirmed anything of interest in relation to it? You might have nothing to share, and that's fine too. No specific response to this post is needed, just wanted to register the interest. Thanks!