Published on May 11, 2017 by Microsoft

Today, one can Lyft a ride and AirBnb home away from home all in minutes. However, when comes to planning for our children’s enrichment activities, it takes us poor parents hours and days. Now is going to change all that. 6crickets offers one easy stop for parents to discover, schedule, book and share children’s camps and classes and helps enrichment providers and schools manage their enrichment offerings. 6crickets is actively serving parents, providers, and schools in Seattle area, Bay Area, and San Diego.

With just a few clicks, 6crickets can intelligently recommend a schedule of camps that match your children’s ages, interests, schedule, minimizes driving, and gives a good diversity of topics across the summer weeks from tens of thousands of camps available. The underlying AI algorithm is the first in the world to solve a schedule recommendation problem by meaningfully combining operations research and recommender systems. It has broader impact beyond summer camp planning. For example, Facebook could recommend a group outing for different group of friends at a mutually interested event every weekend — this could be accomplished using schedule recommendation. In this talk, I will present the problem formulation, challenges, and our approaches in solving this problem.

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