Published on June 29, 2018 by Microsoft

This week on Channel 9, Christina has decided it’s retro-tech week on TWC9, and has tried to infuse a good mix of nostalgia-tech related news stories, along with the latest dev news, including:

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2 Comments on "TWC9: Azure IoT Edge Goes GA, Visual Studio 2017 15.8 Preview 3, Windows 95 Phone Concepts and more"

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sami urvikko
sami urvikko
17 days 8 hours ago

An i het angle to Finland now im starting wirtual hi speed network Setup

17 days 21 hours ago

Dat Win95 phone concept…At least I can tell at a glance where one control ends and the next one starts, unlike so-called "modern" UIs.  And no hidden scrollbars!  If a window is scrollable, it’s right there!  So I don’t have to try before I can tell whether it’s even *supposed* to be scrollable or not.Modern-day "designers" really need to learn from this.  "Discoverability" was not even a word until somebody decided to start hiding things and only show them if you happen to flick in the right general area.