Published on October 30, 2017 by Microsoft Research

Led by Microsoft Research Oureach’s Natasha “Nacho” Chornesky, the methodology kids learn in this camp is the same methodology used in Stanford University’s famed ENGR 245 Class: Technology Entrepreneurship and Lean Startups (Lean Launch Pad). It’s also the same methodology NSF and NIH use in their iCORPS program, designed to help researchers and scientists close the gap between innovation and commercialization. Kids in this camp don’t need to wait until they’re older to learn the attitudes and actions an entrepreneur takes to validate her/his ideas with customers and take solutions to market successfully.

In addition to Nacho, Microsoft Design experts from across the company will coach students on their persona, customer day-in-the-life and building their UI/UX solutions. Final presentations will be judged by a panel comprised of judges drawn from across the company.

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