VSCode Tutorials #7 – Tab Switching & Custom Keybindings

2 days ago
Learn about Visual Studio Code and why it’s an exciting new text editor. Subscribe for more free tutorials Become A Native App Developer with React & React Native keybindings.json Support Free Tutorials The best shared web hosting Subscribe to Level Up Pro for extra features! Subscribe to the Level Up […]

Keys to Success in Subscription Monetization

3 days ago
Explore important considerations in monetizing subscription services. Oracle Monetization Cloud combines the power of scalable monetization capabilities with the simplicity, agility, and security of Oracle Cloud.

CSS-Tricks Screencast #155: Responsive Images + WordPress

3 days ago
Eric Portis and Chris Coyier talk about responsive images in generally, and then how they are integrated into WordPress, and then how the can be improved even more with Cloudinary.

Create a Live Migration Tool in PowerShell

3 days ago
Brien Posey demonstrates how to create a live migration tool in PowerShell This is an excerpt from the Pearson video course “PowerShell for Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics LiveLessons”. Purchase the full course and save 50% with discount code YOUTUBE at Safari Subscribers – watch full course at

WAPG 6 SVG Animation Programming SMIL JavaScript CSS

3 days ago
Learn SVG animation techniques using animation elements(SMIL), JavaScript and CSS. Lesson Code:

Top online retailer bets on Azure to provide a stellar experience for 13 million customers worldwide

3 days ago
ASOS, a leading online fashion retailer, transformed its platform from a monolithic, on-premises e-commerce system to a microservices platform running on Microsoft Azure.

From connected cranes to remote controls, ZPMC is transforming shipping with smart port services

3 days ago
As the world’s largest manufacturer of port cranes, Shanghai-based ZPMC has a major role in the global shipping industry. But the company is doing more than just winning the market. ZPMC is transforming from a traditional manufacturer to a digital provider of next-generation, smart port services.

Croke Park IOT Smart Stadium – Suzanne Little

3 days ago
Watch this interview with Suzanne Little (Head Researcher in Insight Centre, DCU) to learn about the work DCU did with Microsoft and Intel on the Croke Park IOT Smart Stadium project in Dublin Ireland. Read the technical documentation here

Extending DevOps practices to SQL Server databases with Redgate – Story Tracking

3 days ago
Microsoft Data Platform MVP, Grant Fritchey, and Redgate’s Arneh Eskandari, show how Redgate’s Database DevOps solution works to improve your database development and deployment processes. This webinar focused on how Redgate works with Atlassian tools to enable you to integrate database changes, code and issues. For the demo Grant and Arneh plugged Redgate tools into […]

Croke Park IOT Smart Stadium Tomás Meehan

3 days ago
Watch this interview with Tomás Meehan (CIO of GAA) to learn about the work Microsoft did with DCU and Intel on the Croke Park IOT Smart Stadium project in Dublin Ireland. Read the technical documentation here

How to Make Video Games 6 : Space Invaders 3

3 days ago
Code & Images Here : Best Unity Book : Patreon : Welcome to the next to last part of my How to Make Space Invaders tutorial! In this part I’ll cover Sound Effects, Bullets, Making Objects Appear, OnTriggerEnter, SoundManager, Changing Scores, SpriteRenderer, Changing Sprites, Destroying Objects, and a bunch of tips on […]

MySQL tutorial 11 – Update a row

3 days ago
This tutorial will show you how to run an UPDATE query. Sponsored by DevMountain. Get yourself career ready, check out their website: Don’t forget to tell them I sent you. Follow me on social media: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Snapchat: Become a Patron: Subscribe to my Vlog channel: Subscribe […]