Automatic Network Optimization – AdMob Quick Tip #5

3 days ago
AdMob’s automatic network optimization can help your mediated ad units generate as much revenue as possible, and setting it up just takes a moment. Learn how in Quick Tip #5 from the Mobile Ads Garage. Watch more episodes of Mobile Ads Garage here: Subscribe to the Google Developers channel at

OpenWorld Conference Session 2017: Bloodhound 10-4-2017

3 days ago
A panel of Oracle customers from Bloodhound, Wireflare, GRAKN.AI, and Finaeos share how they leveraged cloud infrastructure to accomplish the impossible.

IEEE Computer Society ComputingEdge

3 days ago
ComputingEdge magazine always emphasize the newest developments and current trends. ComputingEdge keeps you up to date by showing you what’s hot and what you need to know across the technology spectrum.

This Week at Treehouse: Oct 4 – Oct 11

3 days ago
Here’s the news from Treehouse for the week of October 11th Anaconda Anaconda is a large and powerful platform that’s heavily used by science and data oriented pythonistas. It makes it faster and easier to install the tools and libraries you need to use your science. In this workshop, we are going to show you […]

Chrome 62: Improved Network Information API, Support for OpenType Variable Fonts and more!

3 days ago
Chrome 62 improves the network information API with network quality indicators, support for OpenType Variable Fonts has landed, and you can now capture and process media streams from HTMLMediaElements with the Media Capture from DOM elements API. Pete LePage has all the details and how you can use these new developer features in Chrome 62! […]

This Tiny Factory Makes Massage Rollers In No Time Flat

3 days ago
High School Sophomore Ethan Milligan brought this tiny manufacturing machine to Maker Faire Denver this weekend and impressed the heck out of me. It’s powered entirely by pneumatics and an Arduino Mega.

Introducing the new Import Flat File Wizard in SSMS 17.3

3 days ago
This week’s episode of Data Exposed welcomes Alan Yu to the show! Alan Yu is a PM in the SQL Server engineering group focusing on SQL Tools, and today he is in the studio to talk about the latest SQL Server Management Studio 17.3 update.   Alan starts off by highlighting two new features in […]

ASP.NET Monsters #108: Using the LIKE operator in Entity Framework Core 2.0

3 days ago
Entity Framework Core 2 was released recently. In today’s episode we explore a new feature that allows us to specify the SQL Server LIKE operator when querying for entities. Related Links:GitHub Repo – Follow @aspnetmonsters

Real-World Java 9

3 days ago
Download the slides & audio at InfoQ: Trisha Gee shows via live coding how we can use the new Flow API to utilize Reactive Programming, how the improvements to the Streams API make it easier to control real-time streaming data and how the Collections convenience methods simplify code. She talks about other Java 9 […]

Docker’s Support of Kubernetes ‘Simplifies Decisions’

3 days ago
IBM Distinguished Engineer Dan Berg discusses the recent announcement that Docker will support Kubernetes as an orchestration tool.

RPA Automation Tutorial | RPA Training | RPA Tutorial For Beginners | Edureka

3 days ago
In this Edureka live session, you will get an introduction to RPA. You will learn the basic concepts and tools used to implement the technology. Towards the end we will do a hands-on in UiPath.

Docker Tutorial for Beginners: Docker Hands on Workshop Part – 6

4 days ago
Docker tutorial for beginners, learn docker hands on Lab Workshop. Click here and enjoy 90% first order! This is part 6 step by step video by TetraNoodle Technologies. Docker hands on the tutorial – Video Transcript: Related Docker Tutorials: Docker Tutorial for Beginners – Part 1: Docker Tutorials for Beginners: OpenStack Tutorial for […]