Published on March 26, 2018 by ProgrammingKnowledge

In this video we will cover the basic syntax and capabilities of Options in Scala. In Scala Options are the collections which Represents optional values. Instances of `Option` are either an instance of $some or the object $none..

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2 Comments on "Scala Tutorial 23 – Scala Options Type"

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Aymane Hatafi
Aymane Hatafi
3 months 19 days ago

Big thanks to you sir wish you all the best please continue in what you're doing you helped me a lot and still learning from you till the day

Jane Dagum
Jane Dagum
3 months 20 days ago

Good Pm Sir, I want to say thank you to all your effort in doing some tutorials in c#. I followed all your steps and i am happy to finished until the end of the series. Ahm.. i hope you will tackle about on c# to SSRS reports and can be modified in report builder alone even the application was published. Thank you Sir. More Blessings to come.