Published on July 16, 2017 by ProgrammingKnowledge

There are two ways to install Redis under Windows

1. Download the latest Redis .msi file from
and install it.

2. You can choose either from these sources or
Personally I prepared the first option
– Download
– Extract the zip to prepared directory
– run redis-server.exe
– then run redis-cli.exe

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1 month 1 day ago

Hello sir, I have watched your Visual Studio tutorial in C# on Calculator. How do you get the label to display the math input in textbox in Visual Basic language?

Gbedji Damien
Gbedji Damien
1 month 1 day ago

Please show me How to create a Jasper Report in iReports using SQLite data base with dynamic images from sqlite data base please.thanks

1 month 1 day ago

Can you do tutorials for spring boot? Thanks.