Published on March 15, 2017 by ProgrammingKnowledge
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The Logical OR “||” is a boolean operator that executes following commands based on the outcome of previously executed commands.
Logical OR (||) if [[expr1 ||expr2]] Returns expr1 if it can be converted to false; otherwise, returns expr2. Thus, when used with Boolean values, && returns true if one operands are true; otherwise, returns false.

– for using And operator use ||
if [ “$age” -gt 18] || [“$age” -lt 30 ]

– The -o option provide an alternative compound condition test.
if [ “$age” -gt 18 -o “$age” -lt 30 ]

– if [[ $condition1 || $condition2 ]] # Also works.
if [[ “$age” -gt 18 || “$age” -lt 30 ]]

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Mohd Asif
Mohd Asif
8 months 6 days ago

Nice explanation sir..