Published on October 16, 2017 by ProgrammingKnowledge
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So what is a loop ?
loops allow us to execute a statement or a block of statements multiple times. Like conditional statements, they are controlled by boolean expressions.

The while Statement

A while statement has the following syntax:
If the condition is true, the statement is executed
Then the condition is evaluated again, and if it is still true, the statement is executed again
The statement is executed repeatedly until the condition becomes false

The do Statement

The body of a do loop executes at least once

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3 Comments on "Scala Tutorial 8 – Scala while Loop and do-while Loop"

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Franz Tech
Franz Tech
29 days 20 hours ago

Hello programming knowledge, I'm writing you but not about this video but another (C# Local Dabase ) I don't have your email etc. Infact i"m programming a POS for my school Cantine (I'm 14yrs old ) I decided to build it in c# and in SQL, but I asking if it possible to use a local database and after when I give it to the school would they need to reinstall in visual studio or not thanks for answeringFranz franztech.tuto@gmail . com From Germany

Just Account
Just Account
1 month 2 days ago

I found your c tutorial and thanks to that now I know c very well. Happy to see you are still doing videos. Thanks for videos.

Nunya Dambidnis
Nunya Dambidnis
1 month 2 days ago