Published on February 13, 2018 by RedGate

With the GDPR enforcement date looming organisations are focusing on how data is used internally. Data processing is central to the way many software teams work including the way data is collected, stored, accessed, profiled, used and destroyed. The GDPR therefore has a huge impact on the IT and software delivery team if processes aren’t in place to ensure compliance.

Redgate’s Richard Macaskill has been exploring the topic of data governance and the GDPR for the past 12 months and in this webinar, he’ll cover:

* The principles of data protection and what these mean for IT teams
* Understanding GDPR jargon such as ‘DPIA’, ‘pseudonymization and anonymization’ and ‘data protection by design and by default’
* Steps to consider to ensure compliance in your software delivery process
* An introduction to Redgate’s Data Privacy and Protection Solution

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