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ELK Tutorial for Beginners: Introduction to AWS. Learn more about Cloud computing.
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ELK Tutorial part 5 transcript:
Welcome to this module on cloud computing and aws. In this module we will talk about the aws ecosystem its services and how you can implement aws cloud services for your own needs. In this module we will introduce you to the concept of cloud computing. In the context of amazon web services. We will see how aws is conquering the world of applications through the promise of scalability and sophistication.

This is a foundational module the information in this module will help you to understand the basics of cloud computing and why aws has proven to be the cloud platform of choice for many companies around the world. In case you are already familiar with aws and its service offerings then feel free to skip this module and jump right on to the next module in which we will talk about the cole topic of this course. This is an overview of this module about cloud computing and aws. Here are the key outcomes you can expect to take away from this module.

After completing this module you will be able to understand what cloud computing is and comprehend various benefits cloud computing provides. Discover why companies are switching over to cloud computing and in particular to aws cloud. Identify prime aws users and learn why they are using it. Realize how aws can help your business and expand. It explore aws services and learn to run your workloads using these services and apply this knowledge and begin using aws services for your own needs.

Alright so let’s get started let’s review the basics first and understand the most important and basic term cloud computing so what is cloud computing. Cloud computing is a general term used for the livery of hosted services over the internet cloud is a broad and deep platform that helps customers build sophisticated scalable applications cloud computing enables companies to consume a compute resource such as a virtual machine storage or an application as a utility just like electricity.

Rather than having to build and maintain computing infrastructure in-house you can just pay or leave some time on these computer resources and use them for your purposes. Next let’s see why companies are switching over to cloud computing and in particular to aws. Traditional methods of hosting and administering it infrastructure meant we had to deploy monolithic data centers and physical servers the lead time for this heavy infrastructure deployment was few days to few weeks. It needed large amounts of capital spending upfront this model often led to energy wastage low utilization and high efforts for the administration of hardware servers.

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