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Panel Discussion: (Really!) Outside the Box: Cisco’s Open Source Journey – Moderated by Ed Warnicke, Cisco

Not used to hearing Cisco and “open” used in the same sentence? Wondering why Cisco is investing as heavily as it is in open source technologies? If you answered yes to either of those questions, this panel is for you. Join moderator and Linux luminary Ed Warnicke along with panelists Serpil Bayraktar, Anne McCormick, and Charles Eckel as they discuss the various areas of Cisco’s involvement in the open source ecosystem. They’ll be covering Cisco’s involvement in and contributions to,, OpenStack, Kubernetes/Cloud Native, and much more. The panel will also discuss how Cisco’s contributions and involvement in open source technologies are key components in its future strategy. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn about Cisco DevNet (, Cisco’s developer resource hub that offers learning labs, forums, sandboxes, API and code libraries, hackathons, and much, much more. The future is open and Cisco is moving forward to embrace it with (you knew it was coming) open arms.

About Ed Warnicke
Ed has been working for over a decade in many areas of networking and Open Source. He has been a member of the OpenDaylight TSC since its inception, is a prolific contributor of code to multiple ODL projects and is the TSC Chair at Ed Warnicke is a Principal Engineer in the CTAO group at Cisco Systems. He has a masters in Physics (String Theory) from Rutgers University.

About Serpil Bayraktar
Serpil Bayraktar started her career, quite by accident, as a Network Operator for the NSFNET project in the early 1990s. She worked as an operator, on-call engineer, network engineer and architect during this historical transition from a publicly funded research network to today’s commercial Internet. Her area of expertise is in IP routing protocols, but she enjoys every aspect of running and designing networks.

She spent the second half of her career helping vendors innovate high-quality networking software. In this role, she was responsible for delivering some of today’s most popular technologies, such as VPNs, to network providers. Her experience as an operator gave her a unique intuition for detecting flaws in software implementations that would help vendors reduce their release cycles.

In her current role as a Principal Engineer at Cisco’s Chief Technology and Architecture Office, she has been leading projects that enable networks to become more software-defined, more adaptable, and more responsive to the demands of the emerging hybrid cloud ecosystem. Currently she is leading Cisco’s streaming network analytics initiative: an open and collaborative network data analytics framework that aims to revolutionize the network applications landscape.

Serpil is also the founder of Cisco’s Women in Technology Program, an advisor to the Women in Science and Engineering group at Cisco and an active participant to panel discussions and conferences concerning gender equality at work.

She has a BS in Electrical Engineering from Istanbul Technical University, and an MBA from Eastern Michigan University.

About Charles Eckel
Charles started with open source 1999 as a founding member of Vovida Networks, developing some of the industry’s first open source VoIP protocol stacks and applications. Now at Cisco, he is a recognized champion of open standards, open source, and interoperability. He runs DevNet’s Open Source Dev Center and successfully introduced open source hackathons into IETF and MEF, uniting open source software with open standards to maximize the pace and relevance of both.

About David Lapsley
David Lapsley leads the Metacloud Engineering team within Cisco Advanced Services. David’s background is in networking, cloud computing, data visualization, software as a service, and user experience. David has been using Python for over 10 years and Django for 5 years. His first commercial Python project was writing a Spread Spectrum Software Defined Radio application for NASA. His first commercial Django project was the front end for a CyberSecurity product developed for Carrier-grade VoIP networks.
David’s career has taken him from graduate school in Melbourne Australia, where he studied advanced congestion control algorithms in packet switched networks, via the networking and telecommunications industry, advanced network research for NASA, DHS, DARPA and other government agencies, and finally on to OpenStack. David’s work on OpenStack has been primarily on Horizon and Neutron, but he enjoys working on all aspects of OpenStack.

About Anne McCormick
Anne is a Software Engineer who joined the Cisco OpenStack team in 2014, and has attended the past five OpenStack summits. She is an active member of Women of Openstack, is a new OpenStack mentor, and has a background in networking, video, high-availability and virtualization.

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