Published on October 25, 2017 by TheLinuxFoundation

The Status of the Preempt-RT Patch – Sebastian Siewior, Linutronix GmbH

The Preempt-RT patch is growing and shrinking in pieces. Currently the RT-queue starts with multiple patches which are backported from upstream. Those will vanish once Kernel advances to the next version which is a good thing.

This talk should give an overview about the problems that were solved, those which are addressed should be fixed soon and those which are next to come.

About Sebastian Siewior
I maintain the Preempt-RT patchset for several years as part of my work for Linutronix, and once even I even ported -RT to m68knommu. Three years ago I presented what it means to play catch up with mainline with the -RT patchset at Linux Plumbers. Last year I presented a talk about the problems we have with the FUTEX implementation and how we tried to solve this.

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