Published on October 27, 2017 by TheLinuxFoundation

Doing Real DevOps with DC/OS – Julien Stroheker, Microsoft

This presentation will be mainly demo, no slides. We will go through a real case scenario application, hosted on Azure Container Services (ACS) using DC/OS and Docker. We will go through the CI and CD first and then show how you can do smooth deployments on your cluster using Jenkins without any interruptions for the users by doing A/B and Canary testing. We will share our experience using DCOS / Azure and how the framework manage the deployment behind the scene.

About Julien Stroheker
Hi! I am Julien Stroheker and I am working at Microsoft as a Software Developer Engineer on DevOps. I like talking and sharing about how Dev and Ops can be better together and work as a strong team. From a Ops background profile, I am trying to become a better developer to have a thorough understanding about this DevOps thing.

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