Published on January 11, 2017 by Unity

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In this live training example we will look at a common need for many games: localizing text into other languages. We will create a LocalizationManager class that loads a file with localized text, and a component that can be attached to a text field in order to populate it with the localized text at runtime. We will also look at loading and parsing JSON files, dictionaries and some data driven best practices.

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QOOBIT Productions Inc.
QOOBIT Productions Inc.
1 year 2 months ago
We've approached localization in a past project similar to the approach used in this tutorial series (instead we were using XML files instead of JSON and we didn't make an EditorWindow to ease the data entry for saving/loading). Recently we've been adopting ScriptableObjects into our pipeline and now we're revisiting our localization solution. Are there any caveats off the top of your head as to the benefits of using ScriptableObjects over JSON files? In our situation, we have an inventory system that needs localization as well with nested data. Aggregating it all into one file might be harder to manage… Read more »